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Military Membership

Armed Forces Y logo The Armed Services YMCA and Department of Defense Outreach Initiative offers YMCA memberships to eligible military families and personnel who may not have access to a nearby military facility.

Eligible military families and personnel include:
military family

Note: Eligibility is for Title 10 personnel only.

Respite Child Care

In addition, the Outreach Initiative offers respite child care services for children whose parent or guardian needs temporary respite from their role as primary caregiver in the absence of a deployed spouse. Respite child care is available at participating YMCAs in 10 states only. Click here to find out more.

Getting Started

To receive membership benefits from the YMCA Military Outreach Initiative, eligible military families and personnel should follow these steps:

1) Contact Military OneSource at or 800-342-9647 to confirm eligibility and receive an eligibility form.

2) Choose your Home Branch from this Web site.

3) Fill out and bring your eligibility form, Military ID and any other required documentation (generally your Deployment Orders or Military Service Headquarters approval letter) to a participating YMCA for verification (please do not leave copies of these documents at the YMCA).


The Department of Defense will underwrite memberships at participating YMCAs for an initial six-month period for each eligible family and service member. Membership renewals in subsequent six-month intervals (up to 12 or 18 months depending on eligibility) will be funded based on a military family’s or service member’s ability to meet the participation requirement of eight visits to a YMCA each month.

Community Based Warrior Transition Unit Military Membership

CBWTU’s are regional commands established throughout the country to provide command structure and support to military members who have been injured and have been sent home to complete rehabilitation and recovery.

The YMCA membership eligibility has been extended to include Wounded Service members and their families (spouse/child only) assigned to a Community Based Warrior in Transition Unit. These memberships will be issued in six month increments for the duration of the contract as long as the Service member is assigned to a CBWTU.

Any Wounded Service member with a current set of orders assigning them to a CBWTU will be eligible regardless of the length of time left on their orders (no six month minimum required). Renewal will be the same; as long as the Service member has current orders assigning them to a CBWTU they will be able to renew their YMCA membership (they MUST meet the 8 visit minimum monthly requirement).

Members assigned to a CBWTU will also be eligible for Respite Child care at any approved, participating YMCA that offers child care services. Respite child care is available to children up to age 12 for 16 hours per month, per child.

For more information, Service members should visit

About the YMCA Outreach Initiative

YMCA of the USA, the Armed Services YMCA and the Department of Defense have launched the YMCA Military Outreach Initiative to address the needs of families of deployed military personnel who live far from a military installation and require access to child development, family strengthening, and health and well-being programming.

The YMCA Military Outreach Initiative leverages the YMCA movement’s national scale and mission to engage families facing the hardship and uncertainty of military deployment. The nation’s 2,686 YMCAs have the unique capacity to respond to the needs of this widely dispersed population through supportive, community-based programs that foster a healthy spirit, mind and body.