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Community Impact and Benefit

Overview: The YMCA of Greater Cleveland is a charitable, community service organization that includes men, women and children of all ages, abilities, incomes, races and religions. We are dedicated to building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities by putting Christian principles into practice through programs that promote healthy lifestyles, strong values, leadership development, community interaction, and international understanding.

All persons are welcome at the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, regardless of their ability to pay. Our YMCA is founded and led by volunteers from our community; volunteers also serve as mentors, coaches, program leaders, instructors and more.


Mission Impby the numbersact

The YMCA of Greater Cleveland responds to community needs. Through the following programs and services we are able to achieve our mission, live our vision and hold true to our values.

Click the graphic on the right or here to read our 2012 Community Impact Overview.


The YMCA of Greater Cleveland is focused on developing the potential of every child and teen.

Youth Programs: In 2012, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland served 86,125 members, 63% of which were families and youth. The Y provides a wide range of activities to develop healthy and productive children, including: sports leagues, swim lessons, gymnastics, dance, martial arts and other youth development programs. All youth activities incorporate the YMCA Core Values of caring, faith, honesty, respect, and responsibility and are open to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

Child Care: We are one of the largest providers of high-quality, affordable child care in the Greater Cleveland area. We offer before and after school child care as well as preschool and summer day camp programs to working families regardless of their ability to pay. In 2012, 2,100 children participated in infant, toddler and preschool child care, with 1489 in before-and-after school care and 1,595 in day camp.

Community Youth Services: In response to the increasing negative and high-risk behaviors confronting today’s youth, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland has designed an innovative and highly successful programming model that involves families, schools, the juvenile justice system, collaborating agencies, and the community at large – all of which have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the youth of our community.
CYS currently offers the following programs in YMCA branches, in schools, and at satellite locations: Youth & Government, Teen Court, Living in Female Empowerment, and Y-Achievers.

Teens and Family Strengthening: Developing our teens into the future leaders of tomorrow has been a longstanding tradition of the YMCA. In our teen programs we provide teens with the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals through teen clubs and activities that emphasize leadership, life skills and giving back to the community. Family time programs include family activity nights, holiday events, and Adventure Guides, which help strengthen the bonds within the family and develope healthier relationships and a stronger community.


Focused on the nation’s health and well-being.

Health Crisis: The YMCA has a long tradition of providing programs and services that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. At the YMCA of Greater Cleveland we continue this commitment by engaging and supporting all health-seekers who wish to pursue a healthy lifestyle. In 2012, more than 26,991 individuals participated in healthy lifestyle programs at our branches. Read the 2012 Healthy Communities Progress Report

Diabetes Education: Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in the state of Ohio. Physical activity and nutrition are two key behaviors known to reduce diabetes risk and help manage the disease. In 2012, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland was selected as one of 16 YMCAs nationwide to test the
cost-effectiveness of the Diabetes Prevention Program among Medicare recipients. Read the 2012 Health and Wellness Progress Report

Childhood Obesity: With childhood obesity rates climbing at an alarming rate, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland is committed to providing youth programs that directly impact and influence children in developing healthy lifestyles. Through our swim lessons, youth fitness classes, after-school activities, and sports programs, we are giving children the tools they need to lead a long and healthy life. Our We Run This City Youth Marathon program is designed to encourage healthy habits and exercise in Cleveland’s young people. 749 students were recruited from 27 schools and 650 of them crossed the finish line in one of the distance categories of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Read the 2012 We Run This City Progress Report

Seniors: One of the fastest growing segments of our membership is the senior population – those aged 60 years and older. The YMCA provides group exercise, cycling, water aerobics, nutrition classes, social events and Active Older Adult days all designed specifically to meet the needs of our senior population. The Y currently serves 851 senior members and 16,164 Silver Sneaker members which is 37% of our
overall membership.

Community Focus: As a community-based organization, we provide many activities and events each year in collaboration with other community groups. Over the last year we provided free health fairs and screenings, Healthy Kids Day, America on the Move Week, SPLASH (a free water safety education program), and Neighborhood Walking Clubs along with other exercise and nutrition activities. All of these activities and events are free of charge and open to all — consistent with the YMCA of Greater Cleveland mission to serve all. In addition to these free programs, the Y subsidized the indirect cost of offering and running a wide variety of child care, youth sports, aquatics, and health and fitness programs throughout Northeast Ohio at a cost of $3,088,043.


Focused on giving back and providing support to our neighbors.

In 2012, we served residents in diverse communities within the Greater Cleveland area. We bring together young and old, men and women, people of all faiths, backgrounds and incomes. No one is turned away because of an inability to pay. Scholarships, subsidies and outreach provide critical access to low-income families. Families of men and women in active duty with any branch of the United States military also receive a free YMCA membership. The YMCA of Greater Cleveland awarded subsidies to 13,007 members this year which includes programs and program memberships. As an Association the Y has 20,781 facility memberships and 3,634 program memberships. The 13,007 represents 11% of the total membership base. In 2012 we have awarded $1,107,601 in membership subsidies, an increase of $105,768 over 2011.

Other Nonprofit Organizations: In 2012, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland provided $66,621 worth of facility use and meeting space at little or no charge for outside clubs, nonprofits and other community service organizations to help provide support and build collaborations within our community.

Locally-Driven: The YMCA of Greater Cleveland was developed through the support of local community leaders based on the specific needs of each community. The Branch Community Advisory Boards and various committees are made up of volunteers from within the local community that provide leadership, support and direction to the branch and its staff.

Contributed Income: Our YMCA received $530.703 from community contributions through our Annual Campaign and an additional $97,275 in funding from community foundations ($627,978 in total) and $647,775 in capital contributions in 2012. This represents 5.0% of our
total revenue.

Volunteer Hours: This year, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland has mobilized more than 2,000 volunteers to serve within our branches and our programs. The 32,095 hours contributed by these volunteers totals $1,141,712 in dollar value worth of time given back to the community. In addition, employees of the YMCA are encouraged to give back to their communities by serving on local boards and volunteering their time at community events.

Key Partnerships: Recognizing the importance of collaborations, each branch of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland has created key partnerships with many community organizations including local school districts, hospitals, recreation departments and other youth service organizations. The Euclid/Hillcrest Family-to-Family Collaborative program, housed at the Euclid Family YMCA, has served over 1,000 families and engages a variety of agencies, faith-based organizations and concerned residents to meet the needs
and establish a partnership with service provided for Euclid residents. Read the Euclid Collaborative 2012 Progress Report

Front-Line Community Service: In 2012, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland received $2,428,465 in government funding including grants, contracts and vouchers to provide front-line service. For example, our Y-Haven program assists 263 homeless men ages 18 and older to become self-sufficient and achieve permanent housing. Through Y-Haven, these men receive transitional housing, treatment for substance abuse and mental illness, educational training, and vocational assistance.

Special Populations: The YMCA of Greater Cleveland recognizes the need for targeted programs for locally vulnerable populations. Because of this need, we have worked in collaboration with other agencies to provide diabetes education, programs for children with autism and other physical or developmental disabilities, activities for local group homes as well as swim programs for individuals with arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Read the 2012 Y-Haven and Open Door 2012 Progress Report

Core Service Area 2012 Progress Reports

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> Child Care

> Health & Wellness

> Membership

> Youth Sports